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Your Own Search Engine.
Your web site can have its own search engine in just seconds - with the features you want and reliability you need. No software to install or maintenance required. Search results can match your website design seamlessly.

Below is a partial list of current Spiderline customers. Spiderline provides services to large and small corporations, government agencies, and individual website owners. Every website needs a good search engine, Spiderline has service plans to fit any size website.

southwestmuseum.org Autry National Center
axcelis.com Axcelis - Brilliant minds, bold science
blhs.org Bethesda Lutheran Homes and Services
bsas.org BSAS - Boston Security Analysts Society
calverthospital.com Calvert Memorial Hospital
cascadebank.com Cascade Bank
laurel.md.us City of Laurel, Maryland
city.vaughan.on.ca City of Vaughan
cytogen.com Cytogen - Biopharmaceutical Company
ercnet.org ERC - Employer's Resource Council
taxbar.com Gray's Inn Tax Chambers
cpradr.org International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution
loanperformance.com LoanPerformance - Risk Management Genius
metroplanorlando.com Metroplan Orlando
mirusbio.com Mirus - Specialists in Nucleic Acid Chemistry and Delivery
ssha.on.ca Ontario - Smart Systems for Health Agency
lgc.state.pa.us Pennsylvania Local Government Commission
psats.org Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors
pffcu.org Police and Fire Federal Credit Union
springermiller.com Springer-Miller Hospitality Systems
polkelections.com Supervisor of Elections, Polk County, Florida
eplc.org The Education Policy and Leadership Center
orcpa.org The Oregon Society of CPAs
tiff.org TIFF - The investment fund for foundations

We've tried other site search services, but none offer the affordability, customization and great support that Spiderline offers. As a web design and development firm, we're always looking for quality features to offer our clients, and we use Spiderline exclusively for our clients who want an integrated, robust search feature on their websites. --Sean Leary, Ripcord Design

This is really an awesome system and it is ground breaking, in that I have NEVER seen another product, internal or external (besides google which is 20,000/yr), that gets past my cookie authentication. I am not sure how many other people have this problem but I am sure that they would be interested in your product. --Nathan Masek, Webmaster, Vanguard Medical Concepts, Inc.

"Wow. You guys are awesome. Thanks so much for your help - you've just reaffirmed my faith that SpiderLine blows away everyone else in the low-cost search arena. Let me know about the referral packages- I definitely expect to be referring some more folks. -- Laura S. Quinn, Alder Consulting -- Technology Consulting for Nonprofits

"Thanks very much for your assistance... you truly made my life a little easier. I just want you to know, that I think Spiderline is a great product. I use it on another site I deal with, and I've recommended it to anyone else I deal with as well. If you're ever looking for more testimonials, I'd be pleased to provide one, and I'd also like to pass along my appreciation for your assistance to whoever may be in charge of things at your end. -- Brian Cook, NOVAstudios - Multimedia Development

"Spiderline rocks so far. I'm a web developer and this is exactly the service I have been looking for -- it indexes .pdf and .doc, and it is low-cost so I can hook it up to a bunch of smaller sites that I maintain. Nice going. --Charles Webster, Dynamiclink, Inc.

"My client ... has had your search facility running since February 2001 with outstanding results. While this is not a high traffic site, we receive enough search attempts to make this service more than worthwhile. The ability to see the search terms used has been a great help in determining what products need to be added to the site. We have just "subscribed" for the upcoming year and wanted to let you know that we are quite pleased with your service." --Elisabeth Sunderland, nthWorks Technologies

"From what I have seen so far, I am impressed with your service. The account setup is very nice (simple and easy to use, yet gives the user a lot of control)." --Alex Lindgren

"That's it, you're getting a big box of cookies. Thanks for your help." -- Lee Heidel, ISD, The City of Savannah

I think Your service is awesome, and have joined the affiliate program. Thanks for being there. This is just what I needed. --Rod Stockton

I found your website search engine easy to implement, and achieved instant results. --Rainer Neff

"I've added the search box to my site and like it a lot... The engine does a very nice and neat job of finding items and we appreciate the use of it. Rather nice how it targets a name on a page and gets to it or close to it." --Darci


"I've signed up and love your service..." --dkerr@ottawa.com

"I have set up your site search within my web page and it works great. Thanks ..." --Shane Byrne

"No reply needed just wanted to say that this is awesome very very very. just what i needed for my website. still configuring things but awesome! ... thnx for providing this service and when my website becomes large enough as I know it will I will upgrade." --webmaster@mpprx.com

First of all you are AWESOME with the customer support. Keep it up with others - they'll love you for it! I was experimenting with both your service and SiteLevel which is actually cheaper. But I'm choosing YOUR service for the excellent support... I tried things out and LOVE your service. --Bryan Winters

"I added Spiderline Site Search to my site about a week ago and already have shown it to several people who think it is fantastic. It says I need to add a Spiderline Logo on my site but can't seem to find one on your site. Where can I find a Spiderline logo so I can let others know where I got this great site search engine from?" --Bill

"Thank you very much indeed for a totally superb service. Being able to customise the look and feel of the search results and place a search field on every page of our site has hugely added value to our site." --Gordon Bone, Malawi Update

"Thanks for the improvements you have made to my search service. And I was only paying $5.00 a month! It is now, as far as I can tell, working perfectly (and it seems I'd notice if it wasn't!). Due to some upcoming wordy content, I have upgraded my account to "silver" and opened a new one for another site I am working on. I am very pleased with my service and would recommend it to anyone." --Mike Klein, Webmaster

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