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Your Own Search Engine.
Your web site can have its own search engine in just seconds - with the features you want and reliability you need. No software to install or maintenance required. Search results can match your website design seamlessly.

Service Plans

Pick a Spiderline service plan to provide the capacity and functionality your website requires. Design Service: Ask us to customize your search results page to integrate seamlessly into your website design!

Service Plan Page Limit
(per month)
XML Custom
Monthly Cost
(paid yearly)

500 Bronze 500 5,000K 1 no no yes $7
500 Silver 500 5,000K 5 no no yes $8
500 Gold 500 5,000K 31 yes yes yes $13

1K Bronze 1,000 10,000K 1 no no yes $13
1K Silver 1,000 10,000K 5 no no yes $17
1K Gold 1,000 10,000K 31 yes yes yes $27

5K Bronze 5,000 50,000K 1 no no yes $27
5K Silver 5,000 50,000K 5 yes yes yes $33
5K Gold 5,000 50,000K 31 yes yes yes $53

10K Bronze 10,000 100,000K 1 no no yes $53
10K Silver 10,000 100,000K 5 yes yes yes $80
10K Gold 10,000 100,000K 31 yes yes yes $107

Special Promotions!

Receive a 50% discount on your first year of service for switching from a competitor search engine. We know you'll like Spiderline, and switching is often as easy as changing the search form on your website.

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Spiderline also offers dedicated server solutions and search engine integration services. If your site is larger than 10,000 pages or requires special configuration or service level, please request a free quote.

Major Credit Cards Supported   Spiderline makes paying bills easy with online payment through secure servers.

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