He only uses a search engine web site as his search tool.


My roommate helped me with a web site search I was trying to do.

I love the new search engine software


The search engine software that I just installed allows me to do a more effective web site search.

She told me about a search engine web site and a new search tool.


My company was looking to improve web site search and we brought in a consultant.

Thankfully he told me about the search tool


I was struggling trying to find the information I needed and someone pointed out to me that there was a search tool on the search engine web site for a web site search.

He suggested a search tool and search engine site.


When our company was having a hard time finding the information we needed on line one of the employees suggested a web site search.

The search tool helps us with what we need to figure out


The search tool on the web site on the search engine was very helpful.

The search tool is very helpful


The search engine web site has a search tool to help you out with your search.

The search tool helped me out


The search tool on the web site search engine helped me out.

He did a web site search.


He was wondering if he used the correct search tool or if he just did the site search incorrectly.

The search tool helped me out


The search tool helped me with my web site search.

We want to be first on a web site search.


We are trying to figure out how we can come out on the top of a search list when someone does a site search.

You can use a search tool


You can use a search tool to find what you want when you do a web site search.

I don’t use web sites that don’t offer a web site search.


When I'm looking to order something online I want to be able to do a site search to find exactly what I'm looking for.

The orders rushed in once the web site search engine was up


We were just amazed at the increase in orders once the search engine on our web site was up and running.

Our web site needed a search engine


We should have had a search engine on the web site when it was made.

Our site could benefit by having a web site search tool


Currently our web site does not have a search tool on it.

You can have site search if you add search engine software


I think everyone likes to use the easy web site search when it is on a site. 

A web site search is important


The average amount of time a first time visitor will look at your site is seven seconds.

Needed help finding things


When I first started using the internet I was always having a hard time finding the web pages that I needed.

Search engines and search tools allow us to easily access huge networks and databases


I use search engines every single day.

Website search engines make money


Web sites are getting bigger every day.